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Energy Healing Training Workshop

Written by Linda James. Posted in Workshops, Courses & Presentations

Energy Healing Training Workshop

“Both the healer and patient enter into an exquisite realm of love and healing. I believe that some of the most powerful healing comes when you can step beyond the bounds of separation. It comes when you are no longer healing someone who is separate from you.  You enter into an exquisite place where the bounds of separation diminish. You are no longer the healer, nor are you the patient. You are both engaged in a cosmic dance through the stars” Denise Linn

 This 3 day course is ideal for anyone who has previously studied or practiced some form of body work or energy healing and would like to add energy healing techniques to their skill base.  This is also an opportunity for those who completed an energy healing course previously and would like to refresh their skills or learn new hands on techniques.

Course content consists of:

How we heal

Maintaining own energy levels

Setting intentions and focus and connecting with the energy

Setting up the practitioner space for self and client

Learning to sense and feel the chakras and the auric field

Recognising illness in the energy system

Practical hands on techniques such as:

  • Basic Chakra Balancing

  • Gentle Energy Balance for Children and the Elderly

  • Deep Chakra Balance

  • Releasing Energy Flow

  • Energy Flush

  • Hopi Technique

  • Meridian tracing and clearing

  • Balancing the energy with a pendulum

  • Identifying and releasing energy cords

  • Gentle energy techniques for face, TMJ, sinuses etc

  • Guided visualisation while healing

  • and more

 Duration: 3 days .

Time: 9am to 5 pm

Dates: Next workshop February 2017. Please contact Linda on 0420 990 911 or email ' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ' with expressions of interest or for more information.

Group size: 6 – 10

Location: Sydney


Would just like to thank Linda James for a lovely 3 days at the centre.  Energetic Healing Techniques absolutely wonderful.  Great like minded souls, great insights, so much joy and love in the group.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to add more to their "tool box" . Thank you for a great course.

Bev Lewis 15 March 2015



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