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Work Life Counselling

Work Life Executive-CounsellingCounselling provides an opportunity to address concerns that are affecting your business or corporate life and may also be impacting on your personal life.

It’s an opportunity to take ‘time out’ to look at the stresses, anxieties, frustrations, disappointments and emotions that are touching all areas of life. It’s about acknowledging the small details as well as seeing the big picture.  Are you really happy with your career, your relationships and your life in general?  What you might have defined as ‘success’ yesterday may suddenly feel empty and hollow. 

Today so many people are living imbalanced lives, not realising the potential signs of burnout until they reach a critical point.  Burnout can show up in many ways, such as loss of energy, lack of motivation, fatigue, sleeplessness, and difficulties in making decisions, memory lapses, lack of focus, strained relationships, irritability, anger, frustration, and the inability to manage day to day stresses.  Or it could be that you are experiencing a sense of sadness, lack of joy and disconnection from your feelings.

The professional and personal challenges of potential recessions, downsizing, retrenchment or working longer hours under greater pressure can take its toll on health and relationships.  It becomes all too hard.  The results of this stress can accumulate, unless properly addressed, and could lead to mental and physical ill-health, depression, poor judgement, premature aging, involuntarily or voluntary early retirement or unemployment.

At times you may feel that you cannot share your concerns, problems or anxieties with your colleagues or subordinates because of a sense of vulnerability or the concern that it may damage your image in the organisation or your career progress.  It helps to have a safe place to talk about your pressing issues.   This is especially important if you are feeling isolated in your organisational hierarchy.  Although on the surface you may appear to be a model for their company, inwardly you may be experiencing deep emotion and despair. Partners and friends seldom understand the intricate processes of the management structure or the tasks at hand, and probably do not have the expertise to support you in taking the right course of action.

It helps to be able to work through workplace or personal issues in a discrete and highly effective counselling process.  Work Life Counselling creates a safe and calm space for you to open up and be heard.  It is an opportunity to let go of the ‘masks’ of expectation that you may have to wear, or the ‘roles’ you have to play in the workplace or in your relationships, and just be your authentic self.  It’s about becoming clear about how you want your life to look; it’s about reassess what you truly value.  If a person has no solid foundation in what they are about, their professional and personal life will lack the richness of a truly fulfilled person. 

Take the step today from reacting to circumstances and initiate and take control. 

Each Work Life Counselling session 1 hour.

1 hour session $107.00

Please email us or call 0420 990 911 to make an appointment.

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